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How utilizing a Lift Club Shuttle Service to get your employees to work and back everyday could help employees become more productive in the workplace

staff transport Employees ‘ productivity is an important foundation for a successful business. You are an employer with business in Cape Town you no doubt want your employees to be productive and the only way to do that is to utilize staff transport being provided by Cape Town Lift Club shuttle service for your employees. An employee that uses the Cape Town Lift Club shuttle service will be able to increase his productivity in the workplace. Let us look at factors that affect the productivity of employees.


Health: Most employees are not as productive because of their daily work commutes in public transport which could affect the employee’s health dramatically. Longer commutes in public transport can lower enthusiasm and is cited as a health risk by health care professionals ie. long commutes can affect blood sugar and cholesterol level. There is no better option than to arrange for a Lift Club shuttle service to get to work and back. This will improve the health of the employee and productivity will increase.


Stress: One of the major impediments to productivity is stress. Lift club shuttle services can reduce stress-related health problems associated with driving. This kind of shuttle services allows for added downtime for employees that will ultimately drive productivity. Employees will have added time to prepare for the day adequately and check their personal email or catch up on the news.


Punctuality: Getting to the workplace using overcrowded public transport service can affect punctuality. However, the more employees use Cape Town Lift Club shuttle service there will be an increase in punctuality and workplace satisfaction. It is important to keep a well-connected sense of teamwork and with the current trend of shuttle services the productivity of the employees will not only increase but will also rub off profitably on the company. In addition, employees will be able to save on transport and be able to experience peace of mind which is a necessity for productivity.



No business ever survived without creating an enabling environment for their employees to thrive and perform better in their workplace.

Cape Town Lift Club is specifically dedicated to helping improve employees’ productivity by providing a staff transport service to help employees get to work and back every day.

staff shuttle
staff shuttle

Reasons why you should use Cape Town lift club to manage your staff transportation

  • Punctual
  • Reliable
  • No long-term contracts
  • Week to week payment options
  • We operate 24 hours
  •  Low rates

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