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Cape Town Lift Club

We at Cape Town lift club specialize in connecting commuters searching for a safer and more reliable alternative solution to public transport to drivers with empty seats. We cater to your transport needs by offering a safe and affordable means of reaching your destination  around Cape Town


There are more commuters than available cars In Cape Town, so there must be people heading towards your destination. It is not only environmentally friendly to share a ride with people going your way but in most cases cheaper and fun, you get to meet interesting people within your vicinity.


We understand there is stress and agony that commuters are faced with on a day to day basis, we would like to help you overcome these challenges by joining a lift club that meets your requirements. We offer weekly carpooling service to neighboring road users that  has a common destination.


Our services are available to both students and employees looking to get to their place of work or campus in  the mornings and back  in the evenings. We can also help you get a safe and more affordable public transport alternative. You own a car then our lift club will help you split costs by helping you easily carpool. We also provide alternative transport in the event that the driver is off sick or on leave.


What makes Cape Town Lift Club different?


We offer peace of mind lift club and carpooling solutions. You no longer have to worry about the logistics  surrounding your daily transportation. We value all our clients both budget and premium and therefore the safety of our  passengers has and will  always be a top priority on our agenda. Our drivers are well-mannered individuals that treat all our clients with respect and are  trained to get to the destination as quickly as possible without speeding or breaking the laws of the road.

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